Nice links

A bit of fun

pointer pointer

Just try it, trust me!

wordart online

Remeber Microsoft Word's wordart?

RockyBergen's computer papercraft

Make your own paper computer, lots of classic versions

Error message generator

Generate an error message pop up, there are others sign options too that look pretty realistic.

Js paint

classic MS paint in your browser

Should I deploy today

Find out if today is a good day or not to deploy your software

The end of the internet

Maybe don't click this one


Search marginalia

A non-commercial search engine which often has unexpected results and treasures hidden by the popular engines

Template maker

Customiseable and printable nets

Electric zine maker

Zine making tool, amazing ui! Everything should look this good.


W3 learn git

Git source control for beginners.

Flexbox Froggy

Learn through a super cute game how to use flexboxes.

Neocities websites I like