web design resources

I'm not a website developer so don't listen to what I have to say, but I did have a lot of fun making my website and these are some of the resources I've used

mid-00s teen girl personal website name generator

Pick a good name for your website!

RV's free javascript/DHTML effects

Free graphic, text, and mouse effects (such as my mouse twinkles)

Colour tools

Selection is colour tools: colour picker, mixer, converter, themes, etc.

Glitter text online

Animated glitter text gif generator

cool text generator

Stylised or animated text gif generator

tenshiikisu's background dump

A lot of backgrounds and pixel art, I found my starry background here

camerons world

An ode to geocities


Huge collection of gifs from the internet archive

88x31 gallery

A collage of 88x31 buttons


Free Gifs - Animations - Clipart

The site wizard

Great resource for everyone but especially for beginners like myself.


Good place for customiseable html snippets.


For generating html layouts with customisable grids or templates.


Blinkie generator and archive


Create your own cursor online or download one from their huge gallery


Design a favicon for your website - the small image shown in website bookmarks and tabs