Dev Tools

Some tools that make my job as a developer a little easier.


(windows)A powerful and no-nonsense text editor.


(mac)A text editor that doesn't suck.

Syntax db

Look up programming language syntax. Handy if you're new to a language or if you get your language syntaxes mixed up like I do.


Quick in-browser text manipulation: add line numbers, remove empty lines, add prefixes, remove smart quotes, etc. The paid, downloadable version is well worth it too.

Beyond compare

Shows differences in files AND folders, it can also merge changes.


Another diff and merge tool, I like how simple the UI is.

Readme editor

Web-based readme creator that does the markup for you.


Pomodoro timer in the browser. I use this a lot when I'm working to stop me burning out.


(windows) great all-rounder UI tool including screen ruler, colour dropper picker, regional screen capture, etc

Tabler icons

Customisable free common UI icons in SVG.


Browser based svg creator.


(Win and Linux) My favourite image editor, based on the more well-known GIMP but faster and with a much nicer UI.


Browser based photo editor and designer, can be very handy.


An image viewing software. This one allows you to view an image translusent, I use it to compare mockup images to our running programs.

Colour tools

Selection is colour tools: colour picker, mixer, converter, themes, etc.

Carbon now and

Create and share beautiful images of your source code.